Tankard: Best Case Scenario

Tankard: Best Case Scenario
Title: Best Case Scenario
Label: Afm Records

2007 collection celebrating 25 years of recordings by the self proclaimed "Kings of Beer" (a tribute to the folk character Gambrinus). The German speed/thrash-metal band started in 1982 and after the issue of their first album in 1986, their music has been uncompromising fast metal unashamedly praising beer and alcohol. Logically, they call their style of music "alcoholic metal".

1.1 Zombie Attack
1.2 Maniac Forces
1.3 (Empty) Tankard
1.4 Don't Panic
1.5 Chemical Invasion
1.6 The Morning After
1.7 Alien
1.8 666 Packs
1.9 Beermuda
1.10 Space Beer
1.11 Medley
1.12 Freibier
1.13 Nation Over Nation
1.14 Two-Faced
1.15 Minds on the Moon

Tankard: Best Case Scenario

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