Tankard: Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers

Tankard: Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers
Title: Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers
Label: Afm Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

In 1982 when four longhaired metal-maniacs from Frankfurt am Main, Germany decided to found a band named Tankard, nobody expected them to still be going three decades later. Not to mention being at the top of the German thrash metal scene! But they are still alive and kicking, and throughout these years there's barely been a blip in their path! Today, when the routine of breaking-up, making a "reunion" and disappearing again seems to be the order of play for bands, Tankard never joined this course of action and kept holding their flag of thrash metal high: a very respectable effort! NOT ONE DAY DEAD!

1.1 Zombie Attack
1.2 Maniac Forces
1.3 (Empty) Tankard
1.4 Don't Panic
1.5 Chemical Invasion
1.6 The Morning After
1.7 Alien
1.8 666 Packs
1.9 Beermuda
1.10 Space Beer
1.11 Medley (Alcohol, Puke, Mon Cheri, Wonderful Life)
2.1 Freibier
2.2 Nation Over Nation
2.3 Two-Faced
2.4 Minds on the Moon
2.5 Face of the Enemy (By Abandoned)
2.6 The Morning After (By Courageous)
2.7 Freibier FÜR Alle (By Doppelbock)
2.8 Acid Death (By Fatal Embrace)
2.9 Space Beer (By F.K.Ü.)
2.10 Poison (By Freezeebee)
2.11 Live to Dive (By Hatework)
2.12 Alien (By Hyades)
3.1 Beermuda (By Irreverence)
3.2 Total Addiction (By Manticora)
3.3 Sunscars (By Odium)
3.4 Zombie Attack (By Paradox)
3.5 Two-Faced (By Paragon)
3.6 (Empty) Tankard (By Sacred Steel)
3.7 Away (By Scornage)
3.8 Planetwide Suicide (By Solicitude)
3.9 Rectifier (By Taste of Doom)
3.10 Chemical Invasion (By Torment)

Tankard: Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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