Tankard: Rest in Beer

Tankard: Rest in Beer
Title: Rest in Beer
Label: Metalville

If you have any knowledge of metal and it's history, you would know who Tankard are. For those who have not ventured down the Tankard path and invested in their material, you would see them as a beer-obsessed, alcohol-fuelled machine. Scratching a little beyond this façade you see a band with a history spanning over 32 years and 16 albums with tight riffing and a very solid rhythm section. They have stood the test of time and have the respect of the movement and over the last ten years have released a number of albums that are selling better than they ever have as they ride the wave of the new thrash movement.

1.1 War Cry
1.2 Fooled By Your Guts
1.3 R.I.B. (Rest in Beer)
1.4 Riders of the Doom
1.5 Hope Can't Die
1.6 No One Hit Wonder
1.7 Breakfast for Champions
1.8 Enemy of Order
1.9 Clockwise to Deadline
1.10 The Party Ain't Over 'Til We Say So

Tankard: Rest in Beer

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