Danielz: Behind the Mask

Tara Zara: Behind the Mask
Title: Behind the Mask
Label: Angel Air

Digitally remastered edition of the previously unreleased 1984 album from this outfit fronted by ego whirlwind Danielz. Two record companies were courting them, the first being the mighty Atlantic Records, the second, independent FM Records and the band aimed high and went with Atlantic. Needless to say, the deal fell through at the last hurdle and by that time, they had let the independent slip through the net. So the album recorded in 1984 for that elusive deal is now released for the first time ever. Angel Air. 2010.

1.1 Fantasy
1.2 The Time Is Right
1.3 All Too Late
1.4 Behind the Mask
1.5 Master of the Deadly Kiss
1.6 Hold Me Tonight
1.7 Wake Up!
1.8 Shout It Out!
1.9 Send Me Your Love Tonight
1.10 Shoot Away the Memory (For Phil Lynott)
1.11 Turning Away from You (Studio Demo)
1.12 Sweet Suicide (Studio Demo)
1.13 17 (Studio Demo)
1.14 Loves Comes Easy (Studio Demo)
1.15 Sweet Suicide (Studio Demo Mix)
1.16 Behind the Mask (Live May 1985)
1.17 Fantasy (Live May 1985)

Danielz: Behind the Mask

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