Taylors: Faithful Again

Taylors: Faithful Again
Title: Faithful Again
Label: Stow Town Records

Faithful Again by The Taylors - The third album from the Taylor family blends their close-knit harmonies and outstanding solo vocals into a nine-song collection detailing the Christian walk. Faithful Again includes "Mountain Of Sorrow," "Every Hallelujah," "Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know," and others. The Taylors 2012 Singing News Fan Award for Favorited New Artist. Also appearances on "In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley" Featured on Major platforms including popular industry concert events. Excellent radio presence with four Top 40 singles from previous project.

1.1 Faithful Again <><><> 3:38
1.2 Anything Less <><><> 3:57
1.3 Love Still Flows <><><> 3:39
1.4 Every Hallelujah <><><> 3:28
1.5 Mountain of Sorrow <><><> 4:17
1.6 Making Me Stronger <><><> 3:34
1.7 I Pray Every Day <><><> 3:00
1.8 The Sweetest Name I Know <><><> 4:23
1.9 Honored, Exalted ; Glorified <><><> 5:14

Taylors: Faithful Again

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