Tazartes, Ghedalia / Romanczuk, Pawel

Tazartes, Ghedalia / Romanczuk, Pawel: Carp's Head

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Artist: Tazartes, Ghedalia / Romanczuk, Pawel
Title: Carp's Head
Product Type: VINYL LP

2016 release. The newest record produced by the group of three - Ghédalia Tazartès, Pawel Romanczuk, and Andrzej Zaleski - is the result of only a few meet-ups and a shared passion for music that shapes their perspective. The long play was recorded at the Rogalów Analogowy studio in the eastern part of Poland. It's worth noting that the space and surrounding countryside did not influence the sound itself as the record drifts away from the traditions of chamber music. The musicians, together as well as separately, avoid any mainstream influences. Thus, the acoustic record is peaceful, spiritual, and presents a wide variety of notions and emotions. The diversified vocal articulation and tone of Tazartès intertwines well with Zaleski's percussive play and Romanczuk's multi-instrumental skills. The rhythmic pulsation is constantly taking new directions, eventually turning into noise at some point. The voice, somehow dramatic, traps the listeners and sends them on a journey through non-existent quasi-stories. An elusive romantic magician personified by a carp-headed cat. French cult artist Ghédalia Tazartès is an uncompromising character who defies categorization. He recorded alone a dozen of albums, calling his way of working "Impromuz" for lack of a better term. Before the years 2000s, his public appearances remained exceptional events. Romanczuk is a founder of the Polish artistic group Male Instrumenty with whom he recorded ten albums. He composed several film soundtracks and collaborated with significant theater houses. His music collaboration with Andrzej Zaleski and Ghedalia Tazartes started back in 2014; however, he was familiar with their music for quite a time. Andrzej Zaleski - musician, filmmaker, and curator - has collaborated with: Ghédalia Tazartès, Aspec(t), Joe Giardullo, Eugene Chadbourne, Charles Hayward, John Hegre, Tatsuya Yoshida, Pavel Fajt, Sylvie Courvoisier, Vinz Vonlanthen, Male Instrumenty, Johannes Bergmark, and many others. He also played in bands like: Multicide, Mitch and Mitch, and 3 Metry, Za Siódma Góra. LP includes CD; CD includes the bonus track "Wolves And Birds Part 2". Edition of 300.

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