Team America: World Police / O.S.T.

Team America: World Police / O.S.T.: Team America: World Police (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD

Title: Team America: World Police (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Atlantic

The soundtrack for Team America features songs written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Features the songs "America, F@#K Yeah" and "I'm So Ronery".

1.1 Everyone Has Aids
1.2 Freedom Isn't Free
1.3 America, F*#k Yeah
1.4 Derka Derk (Terrorist Theme)
1.5 Only a Woman
1.6 I'm So Ronery
1.7 America, F*#k Yeah (Bummer Remix)
1.8 Teh End of An Act
1.9 Montage
1.10 North Korean Medley
1.11 The Team America March
1.12 Lisa ; Gary
1.13 F.*.G
1.14 Putting a Jihad on You
1.15 Kim Jong II
1.16 Mount, Rush, More

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