Tech N9NE

Tech N9NE: Everready: The Religion

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tech N9NE

Artist: Tech N9NE
Title: Everready: The Religion

Open your mind to EVERREADY (THE RELIGON), the third studio release from Stange Music Recording Artist Tech N9ne. Tech N9ne continues to break down barriers and set new industry standards for independent rap artists. Tech N9ne has graduated from urban legend to eventual mainstream superstar and his latest release will be his coronation.

1.1 Enter Everready
1.2 Riot Maker
1.3 No Can Do
1.4 Welcome to the Midwest
1.5 Bout Ta' Bubble
1.6 It's What You Thinkin'
1.7 Night and Day
1.8 Jellysickle
1.9 Caribou Lou
1.10 Hood Connection, Strange Commercial
1.11 My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl
1.12 Flash
1.13 Come Gangsta
1.14 The Melancholy Maze Et My World Intro
1.15 My World
1.16 Running Out of Time 'Root'
1.17 The Rain
1.18 F*#k'em Girl
1.19 The Beast
1.20 This Is Me
2.1 Intro
2.2 That Owl
2.3 In My Head
2.4 Groupie
2.5 Rock Like That
2.6 The Shouting
2.7 Don't Blame Me
2.8 Run
2.9 Whip It
2.10 Playa Like Me
2.11 Trapped
2.12 Holy War
2.13 Let It Go
2.14 The Need
2.15 Little Pills

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