Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: Living with the Living

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
Title: Living with the Living

For their fifth full-length release, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists met up with Brendan Canty (Fugazi) to iron out a new set of anthems that arrive with a confident and outspoken immediacy. With LIVEING WITH THE LIVING, Ted & Co. Wipe clean the slate that once held names like Weller, Strummer and Bragg and include some of their farthest reaching musical ambitions.

1.1 Fourth World War
1.2 The Sons of Cain
1.3 Army Bound
1.4 Who Do You Love
1.5 Colleen
1.6 A Bottle of Buckie
1.7 Bomb. Repeat. Bomb
1.8 La Costa Brava
1.9 Annunciation Day/ Born on Christmas Day
1.10 The Unwanted Things
1.11 The Lost Brigade
1.12 The World Stops Turning
1.13 Some Beginner's Mind
1.14 The Toro and the Toreador
1.15 C.I.A

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