Terminal: Blacken The Skies

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Terminal

Title: Blacken The Skies
Label: Metropolis Records

Terminal is the soundtrack to a world unbalanced, reeling and spinning out of control, running out of time. A barely stable alloy of industrial music and glam rock, with trace quantities of dark techno, synthpop and raw machine recordings, each Terminal anthem is a broadside against the atrocities of our lost humanity, it's devastation of our planet, and our spiral into a dark dystopian future. Terminal is the work of Thomas Mark Anthony, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; he serves as vocalist/guitarist for Terminal live performances. Hailing from Pretoria, South Africa and long-time resident of Canada, Anthony is a lifelong anti-apartheid and civil rights activist. He is joined by US-based drummer Jessica Choi and keyboardist David Ross Phillips for the Terminal live unit.

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