Terminal Fuzz Terror

Terminal Fuzz Terror: Vol. 0: In the Shadow of the Mountain

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Artist: Terminal Fuzz Terror
Title: Vol. 0: In the Shadow of the Mountain
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP-only pressing housed in a silk-screened sleeve and including digital download. On their 2015 debut, Vol. 0: In the Shadow of the Mountain, Terminal Fuzz Terror unleashes raw rock 'n' roll fury sifted through the filters of punk, psychedelia and blues. Pummeling percussion and wailing riffs accompany vocals channeling an obliterated Jim Morrison at the height of religious revelry! The magnanimous, side-long, 17-minute title track closes the album with a long-form, slow-burning mind-melter. Terminal Fuzz Terror is comprised of D. Rodriguez (guitar, vocals), D. Nelson (guitar, vocals), A. Crawshaw (drums) and J. Kleine (bass).

1.1 Senseless Boogie
1.2 Zealousy
1.3 Megalodon
1.4 Cycles

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