Terry Allen

Terry Allen: Juarez

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Artist: Terry Allen

Artist: Terry Allen
Title: Juarez
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 The Juarez Device (Aka Texican Badman)
1.2 Dialogue: The Characters (A Simple Story)
1.3 Cortez Sail
1.4 Border Palace
1.5 Dogwood
1.6 Writing on Rocks Across the U.S.A
1.7 The Radio... And Real Life
2.1 There Oughta Be a Law Against Sunny Southern California (Jabo I, II, III)
1.9 What of Alicia
2.3 Honeymoon in Cortez
1.11 Four Corners
2.5 Dialogue: The Run South
1.13 Jabo/Street Walkin' Woman
2.7 Cantina Carlotta
1.15 La Despedida (The Parting)

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