Terry Allen

Terry Allen: Lubbock (on everything)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Terry Allen

Artist: Terry Allen
Title: Lubbock (on everything)
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Amarillo Highway (For Dave Hickey)
1.2 High Plains Jamboree
1.3 The Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy)
1.4 The Wolfman of Del Rio
1.5 Lubbock Woman
1.6 The Girl Who Danced Oklahoma
1.7 Truckload of Art
1.8 The Collector (And the Art Mob)
1.9 Oui (A French Song)
1.10 Rendezvous USA
2.1 Cocktails for Three
2.2 The Beautiful Waitress
2.3 Blue Asian Reds (For Roadrunner)
2.4 Blue Asian Reds (For Roadrunner)
2.5 Ffa
2.6 Ffa
2.7 Flatland Farmer
2.8 My Amigo
2.9 The Pink and Black Song
2.10 I Just Let Myself
2.11 I Just Left Myself

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