Testament: The Formation Of Damnation

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Artist: Testament

Artist: Testament
Title: The Formation Of Damnation

Deluxe CD/DVD edition of this 2008 album includes a bonus DVD that contains three live performances from Alcatraz plus the 'More Than Meets the Eye' video. Few bands have the capability to survive lineup changes, health crises and 25 years of rapidly changing musical tastes, only to come out stronger than ever. Testament are one of the only remaining legends of the Thrash scene and arguably one of the few who have grown whilst still maintaining the substance and integrity for which they are known. In the almost two years since TFOD's release, the band have toured continuously (most notably with Judas Priest), charted higher than ever before, defied expectations and truly proven themselves as the real deal.

1.1 For the Glory of
1.2 More Than Meets the Eye
1.3 The Evil Has Landed
1.4 The Formation of Damnation
1.5 Dangers of the Faithless
1.6 The Persecuted Won't Forget
1.7 Henchmen Ride
1.8 Killing Season
1.9 Afterlife
1.10 F.E.A.R
1.11 Leave Me Forever
2.1 The New Order [Live] [Live]
2.2 Practice What You Preach [Live] [Live]
2.3 Souls of Black [Live] [Live]
2.4 Video Enhancements: MTV "52/52" Special/More Than Meets the Eye [Music

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