The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain: Gravebloom

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Artist: The Acacia Strain
Title: Gravebloom
Product Type: VINYL LP

The wait is over, now that Rise Records (and Corey Taylor) are teasing a new album called Gravebloom! Seriously, if this album is even slower and more morbid than Coma Witch, I will personally be very, very excited. Even better, if all the songs are like "Observer," then forget it - The Acacia Strain will have put out one of the heaviest and scariest things this year. VINYL LP Rise Records

1.1 Worthless
1.2 Plague Doctor
1.3 Bitter Pill
1.4 Big Sleep
1.5 Gravebloom
1.6 Abyssal Depths
1.7 Model Citizen
1.8 Calloused Mouth
1.9 Dark Harvest
1.10 Walled City
1.11 Cold Gloom

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