The Apollas: Absolutely Right

The Apollas: Absolutely Right
Title: Absolutely Right
Label: Kent Records UK

Digitally remastered collection from the '60s Soul trio. The Apollas were much more than the Northern Soul divas familiar from their records 'You're Absolutely Right' and 'Mr. Creator'. on a remarkably consistent five year span of singles from 1963 to 1968, this Bay Area, born gal trio indulged equally in searing balladry, gritty Gospel laced R&B, and infectious Pop, mastering them all with soulful aplomb. Absolutely Right! The Complete Tiger, Loma And Warner Brothers Recordings proves this in spades, with a track listing that covers every single release by The Apollas and adds four sides by their earlier incarnation the Lovejoys, as well as the fine 1967 solo single by lead singer Leola Jiles. There is also the bonus of four excellent unissued tracks, including Leola's heartrending masterpiece 'I've Got So Used to Loving You'. Kent Records. 2012.

1.1 You're Absolutely Right - the Apollas
1.2 Who Would Want Me Now - the Apollas
1.3 Just Can't Get Enough of You - the Apollas
1.4 I've Got So Used to Loving You -
1.5 He Ain't No Angel - the Lovejoys
1.6 Mister Creator - the Apollas
1.7 You'll Always Have Me - the Apollas
1.8 Open the Door, Fool - the Apollas
1.9 Payin' (For the Wrong I've Done) - the Lovejoys
1.10 Jive Cat - the Apollas
1.11 Sorry Mama - the Apollas
1.12 Keep It Coming - Leola Jiles
1.13 Seven Days - the Apollas
1.14 See the Silver Moon - the Apollas
1.15 All Sold Out - the Apollas
1.16 Wait 'Round the Corner - the Lovejoys
1.17 Pretty Red Balloons - the Apollas
1.18 Nobody's Baby (Am I) - the Apollas
1.19 I'm Under the Influence of Love - the Apollas
1.20 Lock Me in Your Heart - the Apollas
1.21 Insult to Injury - Leola Jiles
1.22 Baby I'll Come - the Apollas
1.23 It's Mighty Nice - the Lovejoys
1.24 My Soul Concerto - the Apollas
1.25 Why Was I Born - Leola Jiles

The Apollas: Absolutely Right

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