The Ataris

The Ataris: So Long, Astoria Demos

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Artist: The Ataris

Artist: The Ataris
Title: So Long, Astoria Demos
Product Type: VINYL LP

Witness the making of a pop punk classic - The Atari's 2003 album So Long, Astoria!Includes demo versions of every song on the album plus alternate versions, rough song sketches, and untitled tracks recorded at the same time!Comes with extensive liner notes from main songwriter/vocalist Kris Roe reflecting on the creation of each song!Available on both CD & GOLD vinyl!

1.1 So Long, Astoria (Demo)
1.2 Takeoffs And Landings (Demo)
1.3 In This Diary (Demo)
1.4 My Reply (Demo)
1.5 Unopened Letter To The World (Demo)
1.6 The Saddest Song (Demo)
1.7 Summer '79 (Demo)
1.8 The Hero Dies In This One (Rough Mix)
1.9 All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know (Demo)
1.10 The Boys Of Summer (Demo)
1.11 Radio #2 (Demo)
1.12 Looking Back On Today (Demo)
1.13 Eight Of Nine (Demo)
1.14 A Beautiful Mistake (Demo)

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