The Bad Plus

The Bad Plus: Give

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Bad Plus

Artist: The Bad Plus
Title: Give

Japanese pressing of the Jazz band's 2004 album includes the bonus track, 'Every Breath You Take'. Sony.

1.1 1979 Semi- Finalist
1.2 Cheney Pinata
1.3 Street Woman
1.4 And Here We Test Our Powers of Observation
1.5 Frog and Toad
1.6 Velouria
1.7 Layin' a Strip for the Higher-Self State Line
1.8 Do Your Sums-Die a Doog-Play for Home
1.9 Dirty Blonde
1.10 Neptune (the Planet)
1.11 Iron Man
1.12 Every Breath You Take (Exclusive Bonus Track for Japan)

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