The Balky Mule

The Balky Mule: The Length Of The Rail

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Artist: The Balky Mule

Artist: The Balky Mule
Title: The Length Of The Rail

Currently residing in Melbourne, The Balky Mule comes from the UK and is the alias of Sam Jones; a highly talented, self-taught multi-instrumentalist. Sam has been a key member of the vibrant Bristol post-rock scene for the past decade, playing in numerous bands including MOVIETONE, CRESCENT, FLYING SAUCER ATTACK and MINOTAUR SHOCK.

1.1 Dust Bird Baths
1.2 Before Too Long
1.3 Jisaboke
1.4 A Moth Like a Woodchip
1.5 Blinking
1.6 Wireless
1.7 Chalk
1.8 The Length of the Rail
1.9 Range
1.10 Illuminated Numbers
1.11 Paper Crane
1.12 Instead
1.13 We Sometimes Write
1.14 Glass Boat
1.15 Tell Me Something Sweet

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