The Battersby Duo

The Battersby Duo: Sunny Days

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Artist: The Battersby Duo
Title: Sunny Days

The new CD 'Sunny Days' from The inimitable BatDuo, is all about Kids and what they love to do in the summer, from going on vacation to the lake, to dancing, eating yummy pies and ice cream, and blowing bubbles. In the mix, of course, is the 'forever loving' Flat Screen Daddy, and the beautiful, talented and perennially intelligent Mom, featured in 'Smart to be Smart.' Sunny Days is all about kindness, and Family; Loyalty and Friendship. Eleven brand new Battersby Duo songs that catapault the listener into a world of wacky wisdom and Seussian logic ? Sunny Days was nominated for a GRAMMY Award this year.

1.1 Sunny Days
1.2 Bubbles of Fun
1.3 Precious Friend
1.4 It's a Brilliant Day
1.5 Flat Screen Daddy
1.6 Rhythm of the Sway
1.7 How About Dessert?
1.8 Here I Come
1.9 Shanny's Song
1.10 It's Smart to Be Smart
1.11 Hey Seuss. a Treebute

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