The Battlefield Band

The Battlefield Band: The Producer's Choice

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Artist: The Battlefield Band
Title: The Producer's Choice

In 2016, The Battlefield Band was inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame, an honor shared by each of those who have spent time in their ranks. They've enjoyed, entertained and endured 50 years, 19 members and 30 albums traveling round the world sharing the music and culture of their forefathers. Their unofficial "fifth member", Robin Morton, a founding member of the legendary Boys of the Lough, exercises his deserved role by personally selecting his favorite tracks that showcase The Battlefield Band throughout their storied career. The Producer's Choice is surely that! "as relevant as ever over all these years" Huffington Post

1.1 Tending the Steer /Sandy Thompson /The Calrossie Cattle Wife
1.2 The Shipyard Apprentice
1.3 Leaving Friday Harbor
1.4 Lads O' the Fair
1.5 Return to Kashmagiro /The Cuddy with the Wooden Leg
1.6 The Road of Tears
1.7 Blackhall Rocks
1.8 Rantin' Rovin' Robin
1.9 Ballarat Jig / Eadar Ì 's Leodhas
1.10 Lovers and Friends
1.11 The St. Louis Stagger /The Ass in the Graveyard / Sandy's New Chanter
1.12 Shepherd Lad
1.13 The Canongate Twitch /Steamboat to Detroit / Twenty Pounds of Gin /Break Yer Bass Drone
1.14 The Last Trip Home /The Luckenbooth
1.15 The Bachelor
1.16 Tynes in Overtime!
1.17 Seven Braw Gowns
1.18 Silver Spear/The Humours of Tulla
1.19 After Hours / Whiskey in the Jar/The Green Gates/The Ship in Full Sail

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