The Beasts of Eden

The Beasts of Eden: End Times

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Product Type: CD

Artist: The Beasts of Eden
Title: End Times

In 2006, the Beast of Eden stormed the New York City alt rock scene and quickly lit a fire under the feet of clubgoers everywhere! Part of the burgeoning Brooklyn movement, the Beasts are equal parts Muse, Jeff Buckley and (insert fave 80s band here). The group write undeniably great, hook-laden songs & they've been playing to packed clubs for almost a year. The indie debut, END TIMES, is the hottest 22 minutes you'll spend listening to music all year.

1.1 Malou
1.2 Skin
1.3 Sylvia
1.4 End Times
1.5 Only Good at Looking Good
1.6 Let Me Down

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