The Black Lodge Singers

The Black Lodge Singers: More Kid's Pow-Wow Songs

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Product Type: CD

Title: More Kid's Pow-Wow Songs
Label: Canyon Records

Grammy nominated Black Lodge is one of North America's leading pow-wow drums. This recording is a long awaited follow-up to Black Lodge's earlier hit "Kids' Pow-Wow Songs" and includes pow-wow songs for today's kids of all ages!

1.1 Sponge Bob Square Pants
1.2 Scooby Doo
1.3 Old MacDonald Had a Farm
1.4 When We Were Little Bitty Boys
1.5 Barbie's Round Dance
1.6 Elmo's World
1.7 Brothers Bear
1.8 To the Mother of Black Lodge
1.9 Kid's Pow-Wow Songs Medley
1.10 Straight Song
1.11 Prayer Song

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