The Black Twig Pickers

The Black Twig Pickers: Hobo Handshake

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Product Type: CD

Artist: The Black Twig Pickers
Title: Hobo Handshake

Hobo Handshake, the fourth full-length from The Black Twig Pickers, finds a slightly reshuffled lineup and a renewed emphasis on kicking out raw, percussive takes on both traditional Appalachian and original material. With Ralph Berrier Jr.'s retirement from the group, Mike Gangloff has added fiddle to his already considerable arsenal, and along with stalwart guitarist, Isak Howell, brought in Nathan Bowles (Pelt, Spiral Joy Band) on percussion and several guests who make substantial contributions to the party. The Twigs work the fine line between the Friday night old-time dance party and the wellspring of grim and evocative tragedy that runs through the tradition, delivering these laments, travelogues, and wild whoops with sawing, rocking joy. This is a sprawling collection, with visceral group takes on 'Crossing the James', 'Cherry River Line', and 'Old Joe Clark'. 21 tracks. VHF. 2008.

1.1 Crossing the James
1.2 Rattletrap
1.3 Cherry River Line
1.4 Last Kind Word Blues
1.5 Glory in the Meeting House
1.6 At the Head of Every Creek
1.7 Stay All Night
1.8 Boatsman
1.9 Paint Bank
1.10 Walking in the Parlor
1.11 Callahan
1.12 Train
1.13 Never Miss Your Mama
1.14 Twin Sisters
1.15 Sally Coming Through the Rye
1.16 Old-Time Fire on the Mountain
1.17 Old Joe Clark
1.18 Old Joe Bone
1.19 Frosty Morning
1.20 P.E.A. Vine Blues
1.21 Crossing the James
1.22 Crossing the James
1.23 [Untitled]

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