The Blood Group

The Blood Group: Everything Forgotten Gathers

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Blood Group

Artist: The Blood Group
Title: Everything Forgotten Gathers

The Blood Group is comprised of ex-actress Jessica B James Toth Jarvis Tavvs & Josh Taht along with various friends & sympathizers. EVERYTHING FORGOTTEN GATHERS AT THE CEILING originally intended to be an audio tribute to studio life is their first EP & fuses dark pop with electronics to create a seamless tapestry of drug-addled delight. Teenage kicks all through the night. & so forth. The tracks are: 1. Odin: Originally part of a four-part tribute to Blue Moon (yes that Bl.

1.1 Odin
1.2 Tout Le Temps
1.3 Capsule Capsule
1.4 Holes in the Sun
1.5 Antivert
1.6 Left of the Moment
1.7 Light II
1.8 Lovelife

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