Bluebells: Exile on Twee Street

The Bluebells: Exile on Twee Street
Title: Exile on Twee Street
Label: Cherry Red

2014 archive collection from the Scottish Pop band. Back in the early 1980s, The Bluebells were part of a vanguard of Scottish Pop which also included Orange Juice, Altered Images and Lloyd Cole & the Commotions. Before signing to London Records and scoring hits such as 'Young at Heart' and 'I'm Falling', the band recorded an album's worth of independent recordings and demos, most of which remained unreleased. Compiled by Robert Hodgens (Bobby Bluebell) with the involvement of the rest of the band, EXILE ON TWEE STREET finally reveals the band's roots in the indie scene of early 80s Glasgow. The Bluebells actually demoed songs for Alan Horne's Postcard label, recently the subject of a critically acclaimed book by Simon Goddard entitled Simply Thrilled. Only the track 'Happy Birthday' has been issued before - on a rare flexidisc!

1.1 Everybody's Somebody's Fool
1.2 Some Sweet Day
1.3 Happy Birthday
1.4 No One Every Waves Goodbye
1.5 One Last Love Song
1.6 Wishful Thinking
1.7 Oh Dear
1.8 You're Gonna Miss Me
1.9 East Green
1.10 Red Guitars Quick Fade
1.11 Sugar Bridge
1.12 Forevermore
1.13 Holland
1.14 Honest John
1.15 Stand Up Cowboy
1.16 Small Town Martyr
1.17 Learn to Love
1.18 All the Kings Horses
1.19 Tender Mercy
1.20 I'm Set Free

Bluebells: Exile on Twee Street

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