The Bo-Keys

The Bo-Keys: Royal Sessions

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Artist: The Bo-Keys

Artist: The Bo-Keys
Title: Royal Sessions

The incendiary soul/jazz/funk of The Bo-Keys' 'The Royal Sessions' is a hard-hitting and authentic modern take on Memphis' original soul-stew sound - a mixture of original instrumental and vocal features that fuse r&b fundamentals with elements of modern. Yellow Dog. 2004.

1.1 Coming Home Baby
1.2 Deuce and a Quarter
1.3 Seven and 7
1.4 Spanish Delight
1.5 Under the Table
1.6 Back at the Chicken Shack
1.7 Doing It to Death
1.8 I Remember Stax
1.9 My Country Loves Me
1.10 Bling Bling

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