The Business

The Business: 1980-1988

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Business

Artist: The Business
Title: 1980-1988

UK five CD set in a clamshell box containing all that Oi! Legends The Business recorded between 1980-88. Disc One features 14 tracks by the band's original incarnation including the Indie Chart hit single 'Harry May' and Oi! #favorites - 'Product' and 'Suburban Rebels'. The second disc is the band's debut album Suburban Rebels, an acknowledged Oi! #classic now bolstered by four bonus tracks including the Indie Chart #3 hit 'Smash The Discos'. Disc Three has two albums on one CD. The original "stolen" recordings meant as their first LP plus the In Concert Loud Proud And Punk-Live LP which hit #2 in the Indie Chart. The fourth disc features 1985's Saturdays Heroes LP which now has the addition of the rare "Get Out Of My House" 12" EP. The fifth disc is 1988's Welcome To The Real World album which saw the band expand to a five piece with the return of original guitarist Steve Kent. The 20-page booklet contains detailed liner notes, lots of previously unseen pictures and clippings from the band's archives plus scans of all relevant record sleeves. The likes of Agnostic Front, Madball, Murphy's Law, Argy Bargy and Discipline have all covered the band's songs.

1.1 Out in the Cold (Demo)
1.2 Strangers (Demo)
1.3 Unevenly Pretty (Demo)
1.4 19 (Demo)
1.5 Out in the Cold
1.6 Streets Where You Live (Demo)
1.7 No Emotions (Demo)
1.8 Dayo (Demo)
1.9 Richard Lewis (Demo)
1.10 Product
1.11 Suburban Rebels
1.12 Harry May
1.13 National Insurance Blacklist (Be a Rebel and You'll Always Be Wrong)
1.14 Step Into Christmas
2.1 Get Out While You Can
2.2 Blind Justice
2.3 Work or Riot
2.4 Employers Blacklist
2.5 Nobody Listened
2.6 Suburban Rebels
2.7 Mortgage Mentality
2.8 Guttersnipe
2.9 Real Enemy
2.10 Another Rebel Dead
2.11 Sabotage the Hunt
2.12 Harry May
2.13 Drinking and Driving
2.14 Smash the Discos
2.15 Disco Girls
2.16 Day O (The Banana Boat Song)
2.17 Loud Proud ; Punk
3.1 H-Bomb
3.2 Sabotage the Hunt
3.3 Nobody Listened
3.4 Tell Us the Truth
3.5 National Insurance Blacklist (New Version)
3.6 Blind Justice
3.7 Work or Riot
3.8 Last Train to Clapham Junction
3.9 Suburban Rebels (New Version)
3.10 Do They Owe Us a Living?
3.11 Guttersnipe
3.12 Law and Order
3.13 Smash the Discos (Remix)
3.14 Drinking and Driving
3.15 H-Bomb
3.16 Blind Justice
3.17 Get Out While You Can
3.18 Loud Proud and Punk
3.19 Nobody Listened
3.20 Law and Order
3.21 Last Train to Clapham Junction
3.22 Sabotage the Hunt
3.23 Real Enemy
3.24 Disco Girls
3.25 Guttersnipe
3.26 Smash the Discos
3.27 Do They Owe Us a Living?
3.28 Pretty Vacant
3.29 Mortgage Mentality
3.30 Suburban Rebels

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