The Chameleons: Acoustic Sessions

The Chameleons Uk: Acoustic Sessions
Title: Acoustic Sessions
Label: Blue Apple

2010 two CD collection featuring re-mastered versions of Strip and This Never Ending Now together with four bonus tracks. These stripped down recordings capture the band in their purest form and sheds a whole new light on some of The Chameleons most familiar tunes. Rarely has an acoustic collection packed such an almighty punch, with songs such as 'The Fan and the Bellows', 'Intrigue in Tangiers' and 'Caution' sounding even more intense than their studio originals.

1.1 The Fan and the Bellows
1.2 Tears
1.3 Intrigue in Tangiers
1.4 Is It Any Wonder?
1.5 Seriocity
1.6 Swamp Thing
1.7 All Around
1.8 Second Skin
1.9 Home Is Where the Heart Is
1.12 Moonage Daydream
1.13 Less Than Human
1.14 Nathans Phase
1.15 Here Today
1.16 Soul in Isolation
1.17 Pleasure and Pain
1.18 Paradiso
1.19 Caution
1.20 On the Beach
1.21 Road to San Remo
1.22 Indian
1.23 Nathans Phase (Live @ Kexp)
1.24 On the Beach (Live @ Kexp)
1.25 Tears (Live @ Kexp)
1.26 Miracles and Wonders (Live @ Kexp)
1.1011 View from a Hill

The Chameleons: Acoustic Sessions

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