The Chefs

The Chefs: Records & Tea: The Best of the Chefs

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Chefs

Title: Records & Tea: The Best of the Chefs
Label: Damaged Goods

24 track comp of everything ever released by Brighton indie/punk band The Chefs, inc 2 John Peel sessions.

1.1 Food
1.2 You Get Everywhere
1.3 Sweetie
1.4 Thrush
1.5 Records and Tea
1.6 Boasting
1.7 24 Hours
1.8 Let's Make Up
1.9 Someone I Know
1.10 You're So Nice
1.11 Toby
1.12 One Fine Day [John Peel Session] [Version]
1.13 I'll Go Too [John Peel Session] [Version]
1.14 Love Is Such a Splendid Thing [John Peel Session] [Version]
1.15 Northbound Train [John Peel Session] [Version]
1.16 Springtime Reggae [John Peel Session] [Version]
1.17 Sweetie [Richard Skinner Session] [Version]
1.18 You Get Everywhere [Richard Skinner Session] [Version]
1.19 Femme Fatale [Richard Skinner Session] [Version]
1.20 Let's Make Up [Richard Skinner Session] [Version]
1.21 Honcho [John Peel Session] [Version]
1.22 Sleeping Dogs Lie [John Peel Session] [Version]
1.23 Sad Boy Style [John Peel Session] [Version]
1.24 Love, It Is Just a Word [John Peel Session] [Version]

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