The Children...for the Children...

The Children...for the Children...: The Unreleased 60's Masters

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Title: The Unreleased 60's Masters
Label: True North

1.1 I'm Leaving You Out [Studio Demo 1966] [Demo Version]
1.2 Blotting Paper [Studio Demo 1966] [Demo Version]
1.3 Put Me Into Gear [Studio Demo 1966] [Demo Version]
1.4 Merry Go Round [Studio Demo 1966] [Demo Version]
1.5 Cosmic Woe [Studio Demo 1966] [Demo Version]
1.6 Louis Riel [Excerpt]
1.7 You Don't Think About Me (When I'm Gone) [Excerpt]
1.8 I Like What My Baby Do [Excerpt]
1.9 Come Back Baby [Excerpt]
1.10 I'm Leaving You Out [Excerpt]
1.11 It's Not Time Now [Live]
1.12 It's a Dirty Shame [Live]
1.13 Cotton Candy Man [Live]
1.14 Sleeping Bag [Live]
1.15 You're Nobody's Baby Now [Live]
1.16 Just Like a Woman [Live]
1.17 Madison Avenue Blues [Live]
1.18 Medley: I.O./Blotting Paper [Live]
1.19 Bird Without Wings [Live]
1.20 Creature Energy [Live]
1.21 The Trains Don't Go There [Live]
1.22 I Don't Want to Drive You Away [Live]
1.23 Meet Me in the Bottom [Live]
1.24 Lucy's Song [Rehearsal]
1.25 Little Child (I'll Make You Mine) [Live]

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