The Chimes: Chimes: Deluxe Edition

The Chimes: Chimes: Deluxe Edition
Title: Chimes: Deluxe Edition
Label: BBR / Kola Red

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition. Includes a bonus disc of alternative versions and mixes that were originally released on the various single issues which show the breadth of club sounds that were prevalent in that era. Dance music trio The Chimes (producers Mike Peden and James Locke from Edinburgh and vocalist Pauline Henry, born in Jamaica) enjoyed critical and commercial success at the beginning of the 90's on both sides of the Atlantic and further afield with their eponymous album and the clutch of singles that were released from it. The group blended together modern R&B, soul, pop and dance sensibilities with Henry's expressive vocals which put them amongst the acts at the forefront of the UK's Soul/Dance scene of the time. The Chimes, released in the summer of 1990, spent over four months on the UK album chart peaking at #17, as well as gaining strong airplay on US college radio which drew critical acclaim that helped the album reach the top 100 and 200 in the Billboard R&B and Pop charts respectively. The success of the group's excellent cover of U2's 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' from earlier that year also contributed to the album's healthy sales due to peaking at #6 in the UK and #47 on the US R&B chart. U2's Bono was a fan, saying 'someone's come along to sing it properly,' referencing Pauline Henry's subtle but strong and emotive vocal performance. Soul II Soul producers Nellee Hooper and Jazzie B heard promise in the group and produced single '1-2-3' which was a minor UK and US Pop hit and #41 US R&B hit.

1.1 Love So Tender
1.2 Heaven
1.3 True Love
1.4 1-2-3
1.5 Underestimate
1.6 Love Comes to Mind
1.7 Don't Make Me Wait
1.8 Stronger Together
1.9 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for
1.10 Stay
1.11 Bodyrock (Demo Version)
1.12 So Much in Love (Extended Demo Version)
1.13 Ready for Love
1.14 No Need to Pretend
1.15 Heaven (The Chimes Remix)
1.16 True Love (Extended Version)
1.17 Love Comes to Mind (Remix)
1.18 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for (U.S. Mix)
2.1 Heaven (Heavy Club Mix)
2.2 1-2-3 (Philly Mix)
2.3 Love Comes to Mind (Extended Version)
2.4 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for (Street Mix)
2.5 True Love (Louie Louie Remix)
2.6 Underestimate (Special Extended Version)
2.7 Stay (Extended Version)
2.8 Stronger Together (Red Zone Mix)
2.9 Heaven (Physical Mix)
2.10 1-2-3 (UK Raw Mix)
2.11 Love Comes to Mind (Manasseh Mix)
2.12 Heaven (Summer Breeze Mix)

The Chimes: Chimes: Deluxe Edition

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