The Clues: Clues

The Clues: Clues
Title: Clues
Label: Constellation

This is the wondrous debut record from Clues. Co-founders Alden Penner and Brendan Reed have been quietly nurturing this project in Montreal since the demise of their respective bands, Unicorns and Les Angles Morts. As a member of the short-lived Unicorns, Penners songwriting prowess was unveiled in a bright burst of mysterious and kaleidoscopic energy, in the form of a single full-length album (released in 2003) and countless live shows, both of which rallied passionate responses from audiences and critics alike.

1.1 Haarp
1.2 Remember Severed Head
1.3 Approach the Throne
1.4 In the Dream
1.5 You Have My Eyes Now
1.6 Perfect Fit
1.7 Elope
1.8 Cave Mouth
1.9 Crows
1.10 Ledmonton
1.11 Let's Get Strong

The Clues: Clues

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