The Coast

The Coast: Queen Cities

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Coast

Title: Queen Cities
Label: Aporia Records

The Coast are leaving the rough edges intact this time around. While debut album Expatriate was a polished indie pop release, Queen Cities exhibits grittier landscapes. Worriers can stand down though, the quartet haven't abandoned their previously established sound, rather they've enhanced it with fiercer guitars and a proliferation of keyboard parts. "Heartbreak City" begins the nine-track record with pounding drums, bouncing keys and a buzzing guitar line. Ben Spurr's voice shines when all but the beat cuts out, sticking each syncopated note with precision. The high-energy song gives listeners a preview of what to expect during the record's 35 minutes: a jaunt through humming guitar lines ("Golden Gate"); it's-already-stuck-in-my-head melodies ("Lovers Go"); and lilting vocals that allow numbers to linger in the air ("The Fire Out"). The Coast succeed on this album not only because of their uncanny knack for combining these elements, but for becoming more than just clones of those that came before (i.e., Wolf Parade, French Kicks). Queen Cities sets the Coast apart from their contemporaries, placing them in a position to do something very special. (Exclaim! Magazine)

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