The Coconuts

The Coconuts: Coconuts

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Artist: The Coconuts

Artist: The Coconuts
Title: Coconuts

Coconuts feature ex-members of the much loved cult Melbourne act Bird Blobs and are signed to New York tastemaker label No Quarter. "Words that come to mind when listening to Coconuts: ugliness, despair, unmarketability. Theirs is a sound rooted in inherent darkness, influenced by early 80's post punk, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, NO WAVE and the bleakest of world views... "It's an almost disorienting experience, created by homemade guitars that seem to leak feedback, built by founders Tim Evans and Jordan Raedelli. The duo met up with US drummer Daniel Mitha who's primitive playing style completes the pic.

1.1 Silver Lights
1.2 Lost Bitches
1.3 Dark World
1.4 When She Smiles
1.5 Dean's Blues

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