The Color Morale

The Color Morale: Hold on Pain Ends

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Product Type: CD

Title: Hold on Pain Ends
Label: Fearless Records

Known to skillfully combine the elements of intricate musicianship with a passionate message, the Rockford, IL five-piece are masters of their craft. Armed with their fourth studio album HOLD ON PAIN ENDS, the band reaffirms their mark on the post hardcore map with a hard-hitting emotionally charmed twelve track record.

1.1 Damnaged
1.2 Outer Demons
1.3 Prey for Me
1.4 Lifeline (Left to Write)
1.5 Scar Issue
1.6 Suicide; Stigma
1.7 Ones Forgotten By the One Forgetting
1.8 Developing Negative
1.9 Is Happiness a Mediocre Sin?
1.10 Between You and Eye
1.11 Throw Your Roses
1.12 Hold on Pain Ends

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