The Damned Things

The Damned Things: High Crimes

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Title: High Crimes
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

Nine years ago, Scott Ian - guitarist and co-founder of the legendary thrash metal outfit, Anthrax - took a meeting with Joe Trohman (guitarist and co-founder of Fall Out Boy). Sharing a love for Thin Lizzy and catchy, dirty rock 'n' roll, Joe and Scott hit it off and started making songs together. With the help of drummer Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy) and the sensual yet sardonically irreverent vocals of Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die) The Damned Things were formed. The band's well-received debut album Ironiclast was issued in 2010. Cut to nine years later and the band (now with the Alkaline Trio's Dan Andriano on bass) returns with it's Jay Ruson-produced follow-up High Crimes. "I love 'Cells' - that is one of my favorite songs on the record," explains Trohman. "'Cells', 'Omen' and 'Carry A Brick' are some of my favorites."

1.1 Cells
1.2 Something Good
1.3 Invincible
1.4 Omen
1.5 Carry a Brick
1.6 Storm Charmer
1.7 Young Hearts
1.8 Keep Crawling
1.9 Let Me Be (Your Girl)
1.10 The Fire Is Cold

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