The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer: Reach For The Sun

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Product Type: CD

Title: Reach For The Sun
Label: Hopeless Records

Their first full-length is a polished and wise endeavor brimming with a poise that belies the band's years. Love, life, death, the past, the future... it's all there in the vein of the honest and clear-cut rock of Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye.

1.1 Where I Want to Be
1.2 Settle Down
1.3 Weathered
1.4 Symmetry
1.5 Surfaced
1.6 A Space to Grow
1.7 Reach for the Sun
1.8 The Permanent Rain
1.9 Northern Lights
1.10 This Is War
1.11 Never Feel Alone

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