The Dead: You'll Never Know Pleasure...

The Dead: You&
Title: You'll Never Know Pleasure...
Label: Xenokorp

While their 1994 split with Sweden's REGURGITATE should have been their debut, it's only the next year that Germany's DEAD released a full-length of their own at long last, taking the Death / Grind scene by storm with a porn / fetish lyrical approach and full frontal nudity artwork not to mention the shocking title: "You'll Never Know Pleasure... Until You've Tasted Pain". A subgenera was born. This new vinyl edition (it's only been released as a picturee LP 20 years ago) has been specifically remastered for the wax at famous CONKRETE studio (DEFEATED SANITY, INHUME, OTARGOS...) and comes with a lyrics insert that also includes the history of the album by DEAD's own Dany Dead and journalist Olivier "Zoltar" Badin (TERRORIZER, ZERO TOLERANCE, NOISE...).

1.1 500 Copies Limited Edition Deluxe Digipak CD First Print
1.2 25th Anniversary Remastered Reissue
1.3 Includes Liner Notes By the Band and Professional Journalist Olivier 'Zoltar' Badin
1.4 Brand New Layout By Lukasz Jaszak (Decapitated, Behemoth, Mortuary...)
1.5 The Album That Created Porngrind in 1995
1.6 For Fans of: Gut, Cock and Ball Torture, Regurgitate

The Dead: You'll Never Know Pleasure...

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