The Defendants: Professional

The Defendants: Professional
Title: Professional
Label: Rankoutsider Records

The Defendants, are careening forth from the Los Angeles post-punk underground, Their mission? To make the world a louder place for anyone within earshot. Brandishing punk/pop roots paired with a songwriting approach reflecting the current state of a fractured America. "Punk-icana" for short . Picture The Ramones and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers slugging it out with pool cues with Buck Owens goading them on. Assembled in September, 1999, Singer/Songwriter Rob Bolger (Luft Gods), bassist Rick Johnson (the Lazy Cowgirls), and Jon Levy (Darcy's Kiss). Their songs have been heard on The WB's "Summer Land and One Tree Hill", CBS's "The Clubhouse", Lifetime's "Army Wifes" to name a few.. Beware: The band has finished work on the their new record, 'Professional', on Rankoutsider Records with producer/engineer Earle Mankey ( Sparks, the Runaways, Concrete Blonde, the Weirdos, Addicts) Join the Defendants as they unleash their brawling rock 'n' roll. Remember: they're our last line of defense against reality, so show your support for these scrappy lads The Defendants.

1.1 Here Kitty Kitty
1.2 (The One I) Dream About
1.3 Mean Motherfucker
1.4 Greenback Dollar
1.5 What Do You Want
1.6 Junkie King
1.7 I Wish I Had You
1.8 Damaged Goods
1.9 Fucked Up Over You
1.10 I Relate
1.11 Get Out
1.12 Cannibal Cave Girl
1.13 Setting Sun

The Defendants: Professional

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