The Dining Rooms

The Dining Rooms: Ink 3-Fatale Remix

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Artist: The Dining Rooms
Title: Ink 3-Fatale Remix
Product Type: VINYL LP

Twelve inch vinyl pressing. Third installment in a series of EPs featuring remixes of tracks lifted from their 2007 album Ink. Remixes were performed by Christian Prommer (the Berlinese producer and one of the hottest names currently on the scene) and the Cinematic Orchestra. In perfect style with their own album, the 'Cinematics' restructure the original piece (featuring George-Ann Kalweit on vocals) through a poignant string section; adding even more emotions to what is already an expressive song. Schema. 2008.

1.1 Fatale (Christian Prommer RMX)
1.2 Ink [The Cinematic Orchestra Instrumental]
1.3 Fatale [Christian Prommer Remix]
1.4 Ink (The Cinematic Orchestra Vocal)

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