The Dirtbombs

The Dirtbombs: We Have You Surrounded

$13.74 $15.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: The Dirtbombs

Title: We Have You Surrounded
Label: In the Red Records

The Dirtbombs release their latest album, WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED, which features the tracks "Sherlock Holmes", "I Hear the Sirens", "Wreck My Flow" and more.

1.1 It's No Fun Until They See You Cry
1.2 Ever Lovin' Man
1.3 Indivisible
1.4 Sherlock Holmes
1.5 Wreck My Flow
1.6 Leopardman at C;A
1.7 Fire in the Western World
1.8 Pretty Princess Day
1.9 I Hear the Sirens
1.10 They Have Us Surrounded
1.11 Race to the Bottom
1.12 La Fin Du Monde

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