The Districts

The Districts: Popular Manipulations

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Districts

Title: Popular Manipulations
Label: Fat Possum Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. It's not uncommon for musicians to grow and evolve between releases - but even by those standards, The Districts' Popular Manipulations is stunning. The Pennsylvania-borne band's third full-length represents an exponential leap in sound and cohesion, an impressive and impassioned burn with a wide scope that threatens to swallow everything else surrounding it. The distinctly intense sound of Popular Manipulations - charging guitars, thunderous drumming, and Grote's searing vocals - was brought on by a few cited influences, from shoegaze's aggressive swirl to the Velvet Underground's impeccable drone-rock sound. There's a distinctly Canadian flavor to this brand of indie rock, too; Spencer Krug's anthemic, lushly inscrutable work in Wolf Parade and his defunct Sunset Rubdown side project comes to mind, as does 2000s Toronto barnburners the Diableros' overlooked 2006 gem You Can't Break the Strings in Our Olympic Hearts.

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