The Doughboys

The Doughboys: Rock N' Raw

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Artist: The Doughboys

Artist: The Doughboys
Title: Rock N' Raw

This new DVD/CD package (documentary/performance film and live audio disc) features a live concert, band interviews, archival footage, and more by the fabulous Doughboys! Also included are 2 new never-before released songs!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Hear Me Moan
1.3 Too Little Too Late
1.4 Black Sheep
1.5 Until the Clock Strikes Doom
1.6 She Comes in Colors
1.7 Out of the Night
1.8 Turn Your Love on Me
1.9 Carmalina
1.10 Early Warning Wake Up
1.11 Sidetracked Again
1.12 Queen City
1.13 Slip Back
1.14 Why Can't She See Me?
1.15 Nobody's Girl
1.16 12 Bars and I Still Have the Blues
1.17 Wishful Thinking
1.18 I'm Not Your Man
1.19 Maybe I've Gone Crazy
1.20 I'm That Kind of Man
2.1 [Bonus Material]

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