The Duke: My Kung Fu Is Good

The Duke: My Kung Fu Is Good
Title: My Kung Fu Is Good
Label: Eagle Rock

Spitfire Records is pleased to announce the release of 'My Kung-Fu Is Good', a captivating album of new school "blue eyed rock" by the Duke, featuring Stuck Mojo and Fozzy founding member Rich Ward. Pulling you in at the first listen, the Duke's hooks will hang in your head for days. His melodies at first possess a haunting familiarity, ultimately sinking into your subconscious and becoming classically memorable. 2005.

1.1 I Give to You
1.2 Immune
1.3 Used to Be
1.4 Summer
1.5 Suicide Machine
1.6 Running
1.7 Show You the Way
1.8 Breathe
1.9 Back to You
1.10 At This Moment

The Duke: My Kung Fu Is Good

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