Dunes: Noctiluca

The Dunes: Noctiluca
Title: Noctiluca
Label: PPM
Product Type: VINYL LP

Dunes are a mysteriously ethereal and minimal trio from Los Angeles. Appropriating pop and experimental music into a familiar swirl, while retaining a fresh outlook and approach, Dunes inhabit a space of tweaking, twisting, imagining moments and emotions from the past, destined to end up as their future. Stephanie Chan, formerly of Austin Texas bands Finally Punk, and the Carrots plays guitar and sings in Dunes, she creates surreal and dreamy narratives with her lyrics and uniquely beautiful, powerful voice.

1.1 Jukebox
1.2 Lonely Palm
1.3 Vertical Walk
1.4 Red Gold
1.5 Living Comfortably
1.6 Falling
1.7 Shadow
1.8 Cameron
1.9 The Spark
1.10 Minnow ; the Machine
1.11 Tied Together

Dunes: Noctiluca

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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