The Durutti Column

The Durutti Column: M24J (Anthology)

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Title: M24J (Anthology)
Label: Factory Benelux

Two CD anthology from British post-punk guitarist Vini Reilly. M24J (Anthology) is a collection of valuable passages recorded by The Durutti Column between 1979 and 2011 for various iterations of Factory Records, including poignant tributes to manager/mentor Anthony H. Wilson. The Durutti Column band formed in 1978 in Manchester, England. Reilly is often accompanied by Bruce Mitchell on drums and Keir Stewart on bass, keyboards and harmonica. They were among the first acts signed to Factory Records by label founder Tony Wilson.

1.1 Sketch for Summer
1.2 Conduct
1.3 Lips That Would Kiss
1.4 For Belgian Friends
1.5 Danny
1.6 Messidor
1.7 The Beggar (Live in Paris)
1.8 Prayer
1.9 Mercy Theme (Duet)
1.10 Estoril a Noite
1.11 College
1.12 All That Love and Maths Can Do
1.13 Pauline
1.14 Arpeggiator
1.15 Catos Con Guantes
1.16 Otis
1.17 Love No More
1.18 My Country
1.19 Home
1.20 Art and Freight
1.21 My Only Love
1.22 A Beautiful Thought Pt. 1
1.23 The Title on the Cover
1.24 Bruce
1.25 The Missing Boy
1.26 Anthony (Favourite Descending Intervals)
1.27 A Paean to Wilson I: Or Are You Just a Technician?
1.28 A Paean to Wilson II: Chant
1.29 A Paean to Wilson IX: Darkness Here
1.30 Glimpse
1.31 Detail for Annik (Live in Leeds 1980)
1.32 Sketch for Summer (Live in Leeds 1980)
1.33 Requiem for a Father (Live in Leeds 1980)

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