The Dynamites: Young Sound R&B

The Dynamites: Young Sound R&B
Title: Young Sound R&B
Label: RPM Records UK

UK edition of this 1968 classic from the Japanese fuzz-drenched band. Released originally only in Japan, The Dynamites' Young Sound R&B was, typically for a Japanese album of the period, bulked out with covers of the hits of the day. For US today however their musical translation of such covers is irresistible. For example 'Judy in Disguise' is suffused with over-the-top fuzz guitar, with a compelling mangling of 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy' are real draws. RPM.

1.1 Tunnel Tengoku
1.2 Koi Wa Mo Takusen
1.3 Tunnel Tengoku
1.4 Massachusetts
1.5 Daydream Believer
1.6 Koi Wa Mo Takusan
1.7 Waling the Dog
1.8 Last Train to Clarksville
1.9 My Girl
1.10 Yume Ga Hoshii
1.11 Judy in Disguise
1.12 Mercy Mercy Mercy
1.13 Nobosecha Ikenai
1.14 Otona No Senso
1.15 Manatsu No Yoru No Dobutsuen
1.16 Kagawa Ni Natta Shimauma
1.17 Koi Wa Question
1.18 Sekaiju Ni Hohoemi Wo
1.19 Bara to Akum
1.20 Yume-Demo Lisa

The Dynamites: Young Sound R&B

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