The Easybeats

The Easybeats: Easy Fever

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Easybeats

Title: Easy Fever
Label: Alberts

2 CD Set. 2008 tribute to the Australian '60s legends. Neil Finn, Ben Lee, the Living End, the Veronica's and Children Collide are just some of the acts featured on Easy Fever: A Tribute to The Easybeats & Stevie Wright. The album also includes one previously unheard song, 'Motherfigure', written by Harry Vanda and George Young in the '70s and was meant to be the first single from Stevie Wright's never-released third solo album. For Easy Fever, Wright has re-recorded the song with Jimmy Barnes. The package also features a second disc featuring all the original Easybeats and Stevie Wright classics! Alberts.

1.1 Sorry Skybombers
1.2 Guitar Band the Living End
1.3 Wedding Ring Resin Dogs
1.4 Good Times the Veronicas
1.5 Women (Make You Feel Alright) Neil Finn
1.6 For My Woman Dappled Cities
1.7 She's So Fine Thirsty Merc
1.8 Somethin Wrong Dash ; Will
1.9 Come and See Her the Cruel Sea
1.10 Ill Make You Happy Faker
1.11 The Music Goes Round My Head Old Man River
1.12 Sad and Lonely and Blue Iva Davies
1.13 Friday on My Mind Ben Lee
1.14 Motherfigure - Jimmy Barnes and Stevie Wright
1.15 Heaven ; Hell Gyroscope
1.16 St
1.17 Black Eyed Bruiser Children Collide
1.18 Evie PT
1.19 Evie PT
1.20 Evie PT
1.21 For My Woman
1.22 She's So Fine
1.23 Wedding Ring
1.24 Sad and Lonely and Blue
1.25 Women (Make You Feel Alright)
1.26 Come and See Her
1.27 Somethin' Wrong
1.28 I'll Make You Happy
1.29 Sorry
1.30 Friday on My Mind
1.31 Heaven ; Hell
1.32 The Music Goes Round My Head
1.33 Good Times
1.34 St Louis
1.35 Evie - Let Your Hair Hang Down (Part 1)
1.36 Evie - Evie (Part 2)
1.37 Evie - I'm Losing You (Part 3)
1.38 Black Eyed Bruiser
1.39 Guitar Band

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