Grant Phabao: Sunshadows

The Echocentrics: Sunshadows
Title: Sunshadows
Label: Ubiquity
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Echocentrics is a new band fromAustin-based two-time Grammy nominated producer Adrian Quesada, a member of Grupo Fantasma, and one of the minds behind bands Ocote Soul Sounds and Brownout. Teaming upwith Argentinean singer Natalia Clavier and Brazil-based Tita Lima, he has carved out a southern-fried, laid back, and psychedelic-tinged album to be released in late spring 2011.

1.1 Engines of Solitude
1.2 Jardim
1.3 It's Not Too Late
1.4 Esclavo y Amo
1.5 Electric Travels
1.6 Mundo Pequeno
1.7 Suspicions
1.8 O Elefante
1.9 Down Under
1.10 The March
1.11 Don Alejo
1.12 Dudar
1.13 Crescent Sun
1.14 The Open Veins

Grant Phabao: Sunshadows

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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